Hi, I’m Ron Charlton

…and I have:

  • Lost 200lbs (91kg)
  • …and kept it off for 15 years
  • Overcame Type-2 Diabetes (A1c of 10.7 to an average of 5.3)
  • Reversed High Blood Pressure and High Cholesterol
  • Added 30lbs (13.6kg) of muscle to my way-too-skinny post weight loss frame
  • Started successful businesses ($100k+/yr)

In each of these life-challenges (although I didn’t recognize it at the time) I applied a set of behaviors…a system…a mindset. These steps helped me to Face the resistance, Embrace the suck, Lean into it and Get unstuck. They helped me to become comfortable with the uncomfortable and increase a capacity I call Discomfortability (Discomfort-Ability).

This website is dedicated to the exploration of Discomfortability (and its associated topics). To examine how I used it to make drastic changes in my life. To document how I am using it (and intend to use it) to make further changes. And, most importantly, to share with you this set of behaviors so you can increase your Discomfortability and accomplish amazing things as well.

I Hope You’ll Join Me
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